Scott Rockenfield Keeping the Beat in the 2012 Rock Gods and Metal Monsters Auction

Most rock drummers are already a notch or two above 'the rest' as the average metal anthem is dictated by pace and complexity. Closer to the peak, you'll find those who distinguish themselves by mathematically near improbable rhythmic complexities that create visions of a mad scientist behind the kit. 

But once you're at the summit, you'll find the likes of Scott Rockenfield - (Queensryche), who not only possesses the required skills but also translates those in uniquely designed drum kits that in and by themselves become true rock relics.

Tour after tour, Rockenfield treats his audience to breath-taking kit designs that would leave you with that "If I Only Could" feeling. Well, now you can! 

Backstage Auctions is excited to be able to offer three of Rockenfield's classic kits, straight from his design table and offered up by Scott himself. 


You have to go back all the way to the 1980s to first see Scott Rockenfield using his famous and trademark "chain" drum kit. At the time this was a revolutionary design but it eventually became Scott's true signature kit, admired and desired by fans and drum aficionados around the world. And as they say "back by popular demand", Scott re-introduced his updated and improved version of the "chain" kit on the 2008 Queensryche world tour.

Featured here is a brand new, limited edition full and complete "chain" kit, which is an exact reproduction of the original tour kit, as designed and built by Scott himself.

Scott Rockenfield's Chain Kit

Birds eye view of the Chain Kit - Scott Rockenfield not included.

More of an 'Operation Mindcrime' fan? This release is arguably Queensryche's signature album from their already impressive discography. This platinum status rock opera concept album from 1988 can often been found in any random 'Top 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums Of All Time' - and deservedly so!

Rockenfield is offering up his limited edition full and complete kit, which is an exact reproduction of the original tour kit, as designed and built by Scott himself and used for the 2007 'Operation Mindcrime' world tour.

Scott Rockenfield's 2007 Operation Mindcrime Drum Kit


Featured here is a brand new, limited edition 9-piece Queensryche drum kit, exclusively designed and built by Scott Rockenfield. The kit is made from 100% all maple drum shells and is exactly the same kit as used by Scott during the Queensryche "American Soldier" world tour in 2009.

Scott Rockenfield's American Soldier 2009 Drum Kit

Scott Rockenfield doing what he does best on the American Soldier drum kit.

These and other fine Queensryche collectibles will be part of an over-the-top celebration of rock and metal collectibles that you don't want to miss out on!

The online auction, starts April 21, 2012 and will run through April 29, 2012. A special VIP All Access preview of the entire auction catalog will be available beginning Saturday, April 14th.

For more information and to get your VIP All Access pass for the event visit:

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