Def Leppard Hysteria Collectibles Auction - Let's Rock!

By the time Def Leppard had wrapped up their historic 1987 - 1988 'Hysteria World Tour' they had played 236 shows and raked in over 20 million dollars in merchandise sales - a feat never achieved by any other band or artist. Meanwhile, the 'Hysteria' album had sold over 25 million copies, with no less than 7 songs making it in the Billboard top-20 charts. Songs that are still played on a daily basis by radio stations across the globe and songs we all sing along with, from 'Love Bites', 'Women', 'Animal', 'Rocket' and 'Hysteria', to 'Love Bites' and 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'.

It was safe to say that the world was firmly in the spotted claw grips of "Leppard Mania". And even 30 years later, Def Leppard remains one of the biggest bands on the planet with more than 100 million albums sold worldwide and numerous award achievements.

The highs of 'Hysteria' were sadly followed by an all-time low with the death of guitarist Steve Clark, who was an amazing guitarist, a superb riff master and the main Def Leppard songwriter at the time. Vivian Campbell has proven to be a more than capable replacement and has been the steady rock that helped the band survive. For many fans - and collectors - however the early days of the 'classic' line-up remain sacred.

The Def Leppard Hysteria Collectibles Auction will feature nearly 100 auction lots with mementos and collectibles from those glory days. The collection is provided by Ed Bruder, a long-time personal friend of the band and tour assistant on the 1987 - 1988 Hysteria World Tour.

The undisputed highlight of the auction is a custom Gibson Les Paul guitar.
Def Leppard Steve Clark's Gibson Les Paul Guitar
This marks one of the very first times that a guitar from 'The Riffmaster' himself becomes publicly available.

Other stand-outs are numerous autographed pieces, a Steve Clark used amp, clothing worn by Rick Allen, Steve Clark and Rick Savage and a true one-of-a-kind white vinyl test pressing of 'Hysteria'.

Fans will further be able to elevate the prestige of their collections with a broad assortment of rare crew and official concert shirts and jackets, guitar picks, drum sticks, tour itineraries, unique photos, backstage passes and other great pieces, such as Def Leppard’s very first 7" single owned by Joe Elliot or a Rick Allen used Def Leppard travel bag.

We are super excited about this collection and is definitely an event that Def Leppard fans and collectors can't afford to miss.

The Def Leppard Hysteria Collectibles Auction PREVIEW starts on May 10, 2017. The AUCTION will go live on May 13 and end on May 21, 2017.

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