John Tempesta Offers Up 3 Decades of Skin Pounding Mayhem in The Rock Gods and Metal Monsters Auction

In a career spanning two decades, drummer John Tempesta has built a body of work that's deservedly earned him a place among metal's most popular and well-respected players. Perhaps best known for his tenure with Rob Zombie - both in White Zombie and with Rob's solo project - John worked his way up through the drumming ranks with an extensive resume that includes gigs with Exodus, Testament, Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society, Tony Iommi, Helmet and Scum of The Earth (which features John's brother, guitarist Mike Tempesta (who is also a consignor in the auction). And these days John can be found touring the world behind the drum throne of The Cult.

John has gone into his closet of rock relics and hand picked dozens of rarities from his days with White Zombie, Testament, Helmet and The Cult including heads, cymbals, sticks, passes, tour used clothing and accessories, photos and a super cool pair of Nike sneakers he used on tour with The Cult in 2011.  

'Astro-Creep: 2000' is the fourth and final studio album by White Zombie. The album proved to be their most commercially successful recording, peaking at number six on the Billboard 200 with the aid of the popular hit singles "More Human than Human" and "Super-Charger Heaven". It is also the one and only album to feature drummer John Tempesta. Offered up for the 2012 Rock Gods and Metal Monsters auction is the one and only, original kick drum head from the 1995 'Astro-Creep: 2000' world tour, which measures 24 inches in diameter and has been signed by John Tempesta. It has custom graphics, shows some (albeit light) wear and is overall in excellent condition. While this realistically should hang at the Rock 'n Roll Hall Of Fame, it can easily be displayed on your wall!

John Tempesta's White Zombie Tour Used Drum Head - Signed

Up Close and Personal - John Tempesta's Personalization - Now this Rocks!

Following his departure from Exodus, John Tempesta only had to travel a few miles south on I-80 to join fellow San Francisco thrashers Testament, with whom he would go on to record two albums between 1993 and 1994. Up for grabs in the auction is this very cool leather jacket, worn extensively by John during his Testament years, as can been seen in various photos from that time. The jacket is well worn and Tempesta signed the "inside" of the jacket with a silver marker.

Interesting side story:  Ian Astbury of The Cult happens to own a similar jacket, which he bought at the time from Billy Duffy (also The Cult), who worked at a Kensington Market (London) leather shop. Ian can be seen wearing this jacket in the official 'Love Removal Machine' video. Not only did Ian and Billy end up in the same band, but several years later John would join them as well. Either way, this is a cool jacket with great history and provenance in overall excellent condition!

The jacket is well worn and Tempesta signed the "inside" of the jacket with a silver marker. This jacket can easily find it's way into your personal arsenal of cool jackets' closet, can you just imagine the conversations that can be started by simply opening up the jacket and saying…"have I got a story for you".

John Tempesta - Testament Days Jacket

Inside of jacket bears John Tempesta's signature


This Zildjian Oriental China 'Trash' cymbal has extensively been used by John Tempesta on recent The Cult tours. It measures 18 inches in diameter, is boldly signed by 'JT' and contains (easily) 100+ fingerprints from the master himself! The cymbal is in excellent condition and comes with a great (signed) 8 x 10 inch The Cult publicity photo.

John Tempesta Tour Used China Cymbal - The Cult 

John Tempesta signed China Cymbal - The Cult

Be sure and check out all of John's personal relics featured in the auction by simply typing JTP in the Auction Search Box. 

Each item offered comes with a certificate of authenticity personally signed by John.

The Rock Gods and Metal Monsters Auction will go live and open for bidding on Saturday, April 21st and come to a close a week later on Sunday, April 29th. For more information visit our Auction Page. Grab your VIP All Access Pass today and get yourself a piece of metal history.

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