Willie Nelson Memorabilia Auction

August 2017

Throughout most of the 1980s, Evergreen, Colorado was home to the Nelsons. Willie, Connie and
their daughters embraced the breathtaking nature that surrounded their 44 acre estate. Time Magazine even did a full cover feature in 1983 on this beautiful hideaway. A divorce in 1988 and a well-documented row with the IRS eventually led to the sale of this majestic property in 1991.

At the time of sale, the home, guest houses, barn and recording studio were offered "as is", with inclusion of the remaining furniture and miscellaneous contents. The Evergreen home was eventually purchased by a real estate investor who placed all the original contents in storage, where it has remained for the last 26 years.

Upon inspection it was discovered that these stored items contained much more than what was initially believed to be there. In addition to a variety of antique furniture, a host of chandeliers and lamps and quite literally the bath tub and sink, the inventory also included a vast number of trunks that were filled with an incredible array of vintage Willie Nelson memorabilia. Concert t-shirts, tour itineraries, backstage passes, posters, event programs, photos, press folders, promotional material and much more made for an impressive treasure trove of anything "Willie".

Among the highlights are handwritten lyrics by Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, as well as a substantial collection of correspondence with friends of the Nelsons such as June Carter-Cash, Jane Fonda, Robert Redford, Leon Russell, Waylon Jennings, Jerry Wexler, President Jimmy Carter and many others. There are personal mementos dating back to the 1960s and even some old gear from Willie Nelson's recording studio. And did we mention his fire engine red claw foot bath tub, complete with all the original hardware? He and Connie were photographed in this bath tub for the Time Magazine 1983 article.

Willie Nelson is a legend and a true American icon. He is as much loved for his amazing catalog of timeless music, as he is respected for activism and attitude towards life. This auction offers a unique opportunity to own an authentic memento of Willie Nelson and his Evergreen home. Each item comes with a certificate, signed by the original purchaser of the Evergreen Estate.

An online preview of the Willie Nelson Memorabilia Auction will run from August 11 - 18 and then the auction will go live on August 19th at Backstage Auctions.

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