KISS Takes Center Stage in 2012 Rock Gods and Metal Monsters Auction

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So far, 2012 is off to a great start for KISS. There's 'The Tour' with Motley Crue this summer, Las Vegas visitors can put-put their way through KISS boots and wagging tongues, and recent national TV appearances on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, the CMA awards and most recently on 'Dancing With The Stars'  have put our masked marauders front and square in just about every living room.

And now there's the 2012 Rock Gods and Metal Monsters on-line auction at Backstage Auctions, which is nothing short of a celebration of everything loud and heavy! With 1,250 auction lots to pick and choose from, the auction is dripping with the coolest stuff from Anthrax to White Zombie and just about every other legendary metal band from the past 30 years. In true form, KISS takes center stage with nearly 100 auction lots of their own, with the vast majority dating back to their 1970s glory years!

Fans and collectors will be able to boost their shrines and vaults with anything from rare t-shirts, authentic Christmas cards, posters and collectible vinyl, to Alive II tour used cabinets, Peter Criss and Eric Carr drum gear and even Ace's own Marshall amp.

A particular stand out are the 8 signed Christmas cards from the 1970s from Gene (3), Paul (3), Peter and Ace. They're rare, they're cool and they're 'Grade A' KISS relics, like this Paul Stanley card from 1977: 


Paul Stanley had 4 exclusive Christmas cards made between 1977 and 1980. Featured here is the first one, from 1977, which shows Paul in Santa outfit, hidden behind a Paul Stanley doll. The over sized (gate fold) card, which is in excellent condition, is simply signed "Paul Stanley" and was addressed to Ken Anderson (Aucoin Management).

Paul Stanley Christmas Card 1977

Paul Stanley Christmas Card 1997 - Card Hand Signed

If you're into apparel, you can't pass up any of the 8 unusually rare mid 1970s t-shirts, which all stem from the day that the KISS merchandise machine was still a sputtering little engine. Instead of the nicely screen printed shirts and jerseys, KISS mostly relied on 'iron-on transfers'. The end result however are shirts that are far more unique and collectible, like this one: 


The 1970s were a golden era for KISS t-shirts. Their rising popularity was reason for a great many companies to create the coolest transfers and sell t-shirts through local record stores and outside the venues. As most of these transfers were made without an official license, these shirts were 'rare' the day they were offered. 45 years later, they are among the most desirable KISS collectibles.

KISS Iron - On Transfer T-Shirt 1974

Looking for something more in the 'Holy Grail' range - we've got that covered too. The Alive II/ Love Gun stage is without question the most visually impressive, photogenic set-up, from the illuminated stairs and fire-breathing dragons, all the way to the grill-covered Marshall speaker cabinets. And yes, there are two of such cabinets in the auction, such as this historic relic, which would look great in your KISS shrine, but can still be taken on the road with your KISS tribute band as well: 


KISS Alive II / Love Gun Marshall speaker cabinet

KISS Alive II / Love Gun Marshall speaker cabinet
Ace Frehley not included.

Either way, you're going to be treated on an exciting collection of cool and vintage KISS memorabilia.

The online auction, starts April 21, 2012 and will run through April 29, 2012. A special VIP All Access preview of the entire auction catalog will be available beginning Saturday, April 14th.

For more information and to get your VIP All Access pass for the event visit:

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  1. If Ace was included I would have paid a nice price for the speaker cabinet