Charlie Benante Offers Up Big 4 Memorabilia in The 2012 Rock Gods and Metal Monsters Auction

Charlie Benante
Considered to be one of the best heavy metal drummers, Charlie Benante's mad drumming skills have been at the core of the Anthrax sound for nearly 30 years. He is known for having a very fast double kick technique and has been credited as one of the pioneers of double-bass, as well as with popularizing the blast beat technique with thrash metal. Our introduction to Charlie came through Scott Ian, who we had just signed as a consignor for our 2012 Rock Gods and Metal Monsters Auction. Charlie was all over the idea of pulling some of his personal rock relics out of his treasure chest and putting them up for auction. The 2012 Rock Gods and Metal Monsters Auction will feature over a dozen personally owned and used Benante relics including heads, cymbals, sticks and super cool stage worn items.

Here are a few rockin' highlights:

Fans will instantly recognize this custom 23" TAMA kick drum head, used extensively on the 2010 Big 4 European tour! This insanely rare piece can be seen countless times throughout the Big 4 official DVD, as well as in numerous pictures circulating the web and various print publications. There's not a lot more we can say to hype this up, as we feel it really creates its own 'Wow!' factor just fine on its own! The head is signed by Charlie Benante with a silver sharpie, making it even more incredibly unique and cool.

Charlie Banante 2010 Big 4 Europe Kick Drum Head - Signed

Charlie Benante doing what he does best!

Any drummer can wear out some drum heads, but it takes a real heavy hitter to punish a good cymbal. Enter Anthrax's Charlie Benante. This extensively-used 18" Paiste 'Rude' Crash/Ride cymbal endured many big hit during the 2010 Big 4 European tour, and bears the marks to prove it! This bad boy has a 1" crack in the edge from Charlie's playing, as well as multiple other dings and pings from his aggressive style of playing. Making it further unique is Charlie's signature, signed in silver. Additionally included is a pair of heavily used Vic Firth Charlie Benante signature drumsticks, each individually signed by Charlie.

Charlie Benante's 2010 Big 4 Europe 18" Cymbal and Sticks

Anthrax had an exclusive contract with Stussy in early to mid 2000s, wherein Stussy printed a number of Anthrax shirts exclusive to the band members. Featured here is one of those shirts which belonged to drummer Charlie Benante. A unique 2-sided Large, this shirt has the Anthrax logo on the front and 'Benante 21' on the back. This shirt was well worn by Charlie during numerous Anthrax concerts, and is signed by Charlie with a silver marker, making it even more special and rare!

Charlie Benante's 2003 Worn & Signed Stussy Tour Shirt

Backside of Charlie Benante's shirt - now this ROCKS!

Be sure and check out all of Charlie's relics featured in the auction by simply typing CBT in the Auction Search Box

Each item offered comes with a certificate of authenticity personally signed by Charlie.

The Rock Gods and Metal Monsters Auction will go live and open for bidding on Saturday, April 21st and come to a close a week later on Sunday, April 29th. For more information visit our Auction Page. Grab your VIP All Access Pass today and get yourself a piece of metal history.

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