CD Review: Sodom – Sacred Warpath

CD Review: Sodom – Sacred Warpath
All Access Rating: B+

Sodom - Sacred Warpath 2014
With an agonized scream, Tom Angelripper and Sodom launch into "Sacred Warpath," the only new track on a four-song EP out via Steamhammer/SPV designed to whet appetites for more sonic brutality to come from the German thrash-metal terror.

Available on CD and as a 10-inch clear vinyl single, of which only 1,000 copies were made, Sacred Warpath finds Sodom girding its loins for what's ahead. Breathing mouthfuls of fire in spewing forth a message full of anger and violence on the song of the same name, Sodom paints a hellish nightmare of human savagery, splashing bloody lyrics of a world gone mad all over galloping drums, evil bass, raging guitar complexity and demonic, throat-shredding vocals.

Even the richly melancholic acoustic breakdown midway through seems to portend more misery for mankind, the relentless groove, dark atmosphere and ferocity of "Sacred Warpath" make all of its 5:47 compelling stuff, indeed.

Listeners may want to steel themselves as well, as Sodom sets off a trio of raw live sonic incendiary devices to round out Sacred Warpath. Tearing into the ubiquitous surf classic "Surfin' Bird" from The Trashmen with fiery punk glee, Sodom then delights in sinks its teeth into a muscular "The Saw is the Law" and finds the meat delicious. Sated, Sodom charges headlong in typically hard-hitting fashion, unleashing rampaging versions "Stigmatized" and "City of God," the latter the most satisfying of the two, with its steadfast hooks and a swelling, pulse-pounding ending that rises to the occasion.

Sodom has a lot more to say, and Angelripper is on the warpath. God help whoever gets in their way.
– Peter Lindblad

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