Scott Rockenfield – The Rise from the Dungeon

Scott Rockenfield

Rockenfield began playing the drums at age 12. With no formal lessons, he simply taught himself to play by listening to bands such as KISS, RUSH, Van Halen, etc. He and some friends from high school formed Queensryche in 1980 and from the basement of the Rockenfields' home, nicknamed "the Dungeon"; the boys dedicated themselves to endless hours of writing, practicing and recording. Then in 1983 they released their first self-titled 4 song EP, featuring the epic 'Queen of the Reich'. This launched their career and resulted in securing a deal with EMI/Capital. They continued to use "the Dungeon" all the way up until 1995 when 'Promised Land' was being finished. Now 28 years later, Queensryche is still selling out shows and doing what they love to do best, play! And "the Dungeon" remains intact still to this day.

Scott has placed some amazing pieces with Backstage Auctions, all to be featured in the Rock Gods 'n Metal Monsters Auction; including a pair of personally used gloves (signed of course), a Zildjian gong sheet and 5 drum kits - even one from the 2010 official Queensryche tour.

BUT WAIT.....If that wasn't enough to get you excited, the winning bidder on each of the 5 drum kits up for auction will be personally invited by Scott Rockenfield as a VIP during the current Queensryche tour. You will be treated to a VIP meet & greet and even better, you get to sit in during the sound check and receive some personal tutoring while you're working with Scott to get the sound right for that evening!!

This VIP offer is valid through 2011. In the event you can't make it to a Queensryche show, Scott will alternatively schedule a personal phone call with you to talk about this magnificent drum kit, provide some tips and suggestions and answer all your questions. Seriously! Now that ROCKS!

The auction event, aptly titled the "Rock Gods and Metal Monsters Auction", is a not-to-miss opportunity for fans and collectors around the world to own an authentic piece of one of the most significant genres of music history. The auction, which will be held on-line at Backstage Auctions starts on October 31, 2010 and will run through November 7, 2010.

A special preview of the entire auction catalog is available now at

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