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Andy LaRocque

Andy's career began in the early days of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal when he played guitar along side Bengt Fischer in EF Band. Andy is most famously known for his fast, distinct and melodic sound as the lead guitarist for the legendary metal horror band King Diamond, with whom he has been a member since 1985.

In addition to over two decades of touring and sharing stages around the world with Metal's most outstanding musicians, LaRocque has played as a guest musician with At The Gates, In Flames and Dimmu Borgir, delivering a dose of fierce, lightning fast, heavy guitar.

When he is not playing, Andy also produces metal masterpieces at his Sonic Train Studios in Sweden. He has produced hundreds of tracks for bands such as Falconer, Evergrey, Trident, In Flames, King Diamond, Ancient and more, but the list would not be complete without mentioning Dragonland, Witchery and Deathwitch.

But it' his peerless and influential playing style that is admired by so many and without a doubt has earned him a place in the immortal ranks of heavy metal's finest!

LaRocque has put one of his most prized possessions in the auction, his very own Caparison TAT II, which was used during the recording of the Grammy nominated album "Give Me Your Soul...Please". Andy received this guitar from the owner of Caparison in 2002 and will include the personal letter and original documents. Most recently, he also used the guitar for composing some of the upcoming King Diamond material.

In all, this is a top-tier instrument with great history and provenance. The guitar will be shipped directly from Andy's recording studio in Sweden.

The auction event, aptly titled the "Rock Gods and Metal Monsters Auction", is a not-to-miss opportunity for fans and collectors around the world to own an authentic piece of one of the most significant genres of music history.

The auction, which will be held on-line at starts on October 31, 2010 and will run through November 7, 2010. A special preview of the entire auction catalog is available now for viewing.

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  1. Nice guitar. Would love to have a guitar that was played by one of my favorite guitarists. Andy Larocque riffs come into my head probably more than any other guitarist as I am a guitar player myself I can appreciate his style, talent and technique.

    Thanks for all the memories of great riffs and good times.