Kip Winger - No Boundaries

Ghosts - recording session

The multi-platinum recording artist, may be know best for his success with Winger and his early days as a bass player with Alice Cooper has also performed or recorded with Mark Farner, Roger Daltrey, Neal Schon and Bob Dylan. His passion for music however is most evident in his solo albums.

What you may not know about Kip, is that besides being a phenomenal "rock" musician he also composes orchestral pieces. His most recent composition, Ghosts, was choreographed as a ballet and most recently performed at the Opera House in San Francisco. In an interview with Noisecreep, Kip explained "rock is my day gig, and I'm a phantom composer by night." 

Kip's Warwick Bass
Kip has offered up an impressive array of highly personal items, for The Rock Gods 'n Metal Monsters Auction. But most notably is his Warwick bass guitar. Ever since the start of the 2002 summer tour with Poison, Kip played this very guitar extensively. For the last eight years, it has been his most trusted sidekick, as is easily evidenced by the countless photos and videos. Better yet, Kip walked off stage with it after the most recent Blackwood Creek show in Denver.

To quote Kip; "Man, this really has been one of my all-time favorites. Originally, it had a green finish but I painted it black right after the tour with Poison. It's been with me ever since and anyone who's been to a Winger show in the last 8 years, here or overseas, has seen me playing it. During the last show, the front pick-up crapped out on me and I intended to have it repaired. But now that it's going in the auction, I'll let the future owner decide what he or she wants to do."
Madalaine - Handwritten Lyrics

In addition to touring with Winger and as a solo artist, composing classical music pieces and his gig as a camp counselor for the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, Kip's passion and love for music knows no boundaries.

Whether you collect instruments, handwritten lyrics, personal items, vinyl or signed pieces, Kip's collection has something for everyone in the auction and can be viewed in the auction section of Backstage Auctions under the Winger category. 

The auction event, aptly titled the “Rock Gods and Metal Monsters Auction”, is a not-to-miss opportunity for fans and collectors around the world to own an authentic piece of one of the most significant genres of music history. The auction, which will be held on-line at starts on October 31, 2010 and will run through November 7, 2010. A special preview of the entire auction catalog will be available to view beginning Sunday, October 24.

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