CD Review: House Of Lords – Indestructible

CD Review: House Of Lords – Indestructible
Frontiers Music
All Access Rating: B+

House Of Lords - Indestructible 2015
It doesn't take an advanced degree in psychiatry to diagnose the split personalities of House Of Lords.

The latest citadel of progressive pop metal erected by James Christian and friends balances heavy thunder with sweeping melodic grandeur, as the Frontiers Music release Indestructible strives to serve two masters and does so with aplomb, the brawny, rumbling riffs and charging assaults of thrill rides "100mph" and its more atmospheric alternate universe "Die to Tell" dissolving in giant swells of dark, majestic choruses.

Unlike the somewhat generic and uninspired Precious Metal, released in 2014, Indestructible finds its footing instantly, the lyrics proving more thoughtful and deep than before, and blazing rockers like "Go To Hell" and the title track forcefully announcing their presence. As calculated and progressive as Queensryche, with the bittersweet, soaring "Pillar Of Salt" a particularly grandiose composition, House Of Lords can also craft memorable and compelling pop hooks, such as those summoning listeners to "Call My Bluff" and "Another Dawn" like beautiful sirens.

Together for a decade now, the House Of Lords lineup of Christian, guitarist Jimi Bell, bassist Chris McCarvill and drummer B.J. Zampa seems intent on sticking around, the seamless transitions from crushing metal riffs to expansive, spellbinding choruses on Indestructible and ability to design passages connecting them demonstrating they are fully capable of producing power and beauty upon command. This isn't the House Of Lords of Gregg Giuffria or Chuck Wright, but then again, their DNA is similar. Don't write them off yet. Their best days may still be ahead of them, even if they just can't resist tossing in a saccharine ballad like "We Will Always Be One."
– Peter Lindblad

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