Anthrax Metal Gods Ian, Benante and Bello Have More to Offer at the Auction Block

Benante, Bello and Ian - The Anthrax Triangle
The inseparable triangle of Anthrax -  Ian, Benante and Bello - have once more raked through their closets to put some historic Anthrax gear and collectibles in the hands of their fans.

There is no denying that Anthrax is and probably always will be one of the top collectible metal bands around. From guitars, drum heads, stage worn attire to promo items, passes, picks and sticks, fans and collectors snatch up Anthrax memorabilia – regardless of price or age, it simply doesn't matter.

Partnering with Backstage Auctions, Scott Ian has selected no less than seven historic tour and album recording used guitars that will make you go all 'Air Ian'. From one-of-a-kind 'Zombie' and 'Dharma' guitars to unique prototypes such as the infamous Murder Weapon and Urban Camo.

Ian's Concert Used Custom Designed 'Zombie' Guitar
And if winning one of his guitars wasn't enough...the winning buyer (+1) will be invited to meet Scott Ian "anywhere, anytime" on tour. You will get the opportunity to meet Scott, take pictures with him, have him sign your memorabilia and be treated like a true VIP!

Benante's Stomp 442 Drum Kit
Charlie Benante is parting with something that he has never done before - his supply of coffee! Of course we're kidding - but his complete 'Stomp 442' Kit is no joke. Used for the entire album recording, as well as the subsequent two-year world tour, this kit is of 'Rock Hall' worthy proportions. 

And if the kit is too much for you (or your neighbors), no fear, as there is a great selection of used drum heads, sticks, stage worn shirts, tour itineraries and an impressive collection of vintage laminated passes. Charlie's original artwork for the Dimebag Darrell tribute deserves special mention - and a special place in a special collection of a special fan.

Frank Bello completes the offering a cool memorabilia with tour used shirts and shoes, a signature bass guitar and a highly collectible, classic Anthrax line-up signed lithograph.

Bello Signed Signature Bass Guitar

The Rock Gods & Metal Monsters Auction will be live from June 20th – 28th with a special VIP Preview that starts June 13th. If you are not registered for your All Access Auction Pass, rock on over and sign up today – it takes just a minute and there is no fee to sign up.
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