Paul Gray All Access Legacy Auction

Featuring founding Slipknot member Paul Gray's personal and private collection.

Backstage Auctions’ is honored to present a rare and one of kind online auction event in April 2017 -  featuring the personal collection of founding Slipknot member, Paul Gray. "It’s truly a privilege to be hosting this event especially knowing that it will benefit Paul’s daughter October," explains Backstage Auctions founder Jacques van Gool. The event, aptly titled “Paul Gray All Access Legacy Auction,” gives fans and collectors around the world an opportunity to own an authentic piece of memorabilia direct from the one of most highly regarded bass players in the metal world.

The auction will feature Paul’s personal tour used bass guitars, amps, cabinets, gear, stage worn apparel, set lists, tour itineraries, signed items, record awards, personal passes and a whole lot more. Among the many highlights is a selection of over a dozen tour, studio and album recording used bass guitars, as well as several early day signature Slipknot jumpsuits. “Each of the guitars and jumpsuits has their own story to tell and represent a significant element of Paul Gray’s touring and recording history,”, comments van Gool. “I have personally worked with Brenna Gray over the past 18 months and her final selection of items from Paul’s collection is amazing and truly honors Paul’s legacy. She has hand-picked items that will appeal to Paul Gray and Slipknot collectors all around the world”.

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Collection Highlights


Paul Gray Guitars
Being able to offer just one guitar from an accomplished songwriter and multi-platinum award winning musician like Paul Gray of Slipknot is already reason for unrestrained excitement. Multiply that by 14 and you will understand that this impressive collection of instruments is truly unparalleled and one for the history books. Included are Paul Gray’s oldest Warwick bass guitars that date back to the recording of the first Slipknot album, all the way to a selection of Ibanez guitars used on his final tour with Slipknot in 2009. It is hard to pick a highlight but you can’t go wrong with his Warwick 4-string ‘Thumb’ bass guitar that became Paul’s undisputed guitar of choice for the first six years of touring and recording with Slipknot. 

Stage Worn Attire

Paul Gray's Jumpsuits
They started off with wearing identical single color jumpsuits, only distinguished by the number of each member. Eventually the jumpsuits were donned for a more casual pants and shirts combination which remained uniform in color and individual in number. Either way, Slipknot presented itself as a unity of nine individuals who dressed similarly but stood apart by the use of their uniquely designed masks. This legacy auction offers a wide range of apparel that was worn by Paul Gray over the years, including no less than three authentic jumpsuits, an impressive number of stage worn shirts and pants, an even more dazzling array of ties, as well as a multitude of privately worn shirts and hats. One of the highlight items is Paul’s gray Slipknot ‘barcode’ jumpsuit that was worn on the 2000 era ‘World Domination Tour’ and the ‘Tattoo The Earth Tour’. It can be seen in many concert videos and photos and is without question an absolute legitimate museum piece.

Personal Items

It’s always fun to have personal items in an auction as they often show a side of a musician that you
Paul Gray's Stage Makeup
may not expect or be familiar with. There are several of those unique items in this Paul Gray auction, from road used duffle bags and sweaty wristbands to toiletry items and even Paul’s ECG / Blood Pressure monitor that he traveled with on tour with Slipknot. One lot that stands out is a collection black facial make-up cream that Paul used to create a more dramatic contrast and effect in combination with his mask. There are three jars of make-up, all used by Paul on his final Slipknot tour in 2009, as well as a stick of heavy eye-liner. Not your everyday memento but something that is a true piece of Paul Gray’s larger than life stage persona.

Signed Items

Authentically signed items by all nine original Slipknot members are hard to find. And like with any other ‘A-list’ band, many of the so-called signed items do not necessarily contain the original signatures. Collectors will be excited to find two of those fully band-signed items in this auction; a vintage ‘Iowa’ 8 x 10 inch Roadrunner press photo, as well as a scarce ‘All Hope Is Gone’ tour program.  With both pieces directly coming from Paul Gray’s personal collection, there is no need to worry about the legitimacy of these signatures!

Record Awards

Record awards are more than shiny wall decorations. For a recording artist, these awards are a crowning testimony of their achievements and a speaking reminder of the effort it took to “be where you are”. For multi-platinum award recipient Paul Gray of Slipknot, these awards were priced possessions that were proudly displayed throughout his house. Having sold millions of records around the globe, his rooms featured plaques from the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, England and many other countries. With over a dozen of these beautiful awards in the auction – all personally issued to Paul Gray – we offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a true piece of Paul Gray and Slipknot history, highlighted by the platinum RIAA award for selling one million copies of the 1999 Slipknot debut album.

The online auction event starts April 1, 2017 and will run through April 9, 2017. A special VIP All Access Preview of the entire auction catalog will be available online beginning Saturday, March 25th and is open to fans and collectors worldwide. For more information and to register for a VIP All Access Pass for the Paul Gray All Access Legacy Auction visit:

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