Anthrax Memorabilia from Bello, Benante and Ian Takes Center Stage at Auction

Anthrax Artist Pass
There is no denying that Anthrax is and probably always will be one of the top collectible metal bands around. From guitars, drum heads, stage worn attire to promo items, passes, picks and sticks, fans and collectors snatch up Anthrax memorabilia – regardless of price or age, it simply doesn't matter.

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The members of the band have a significant impact on the collect-ability of Anthrax memorabilia because collectively and individually they are so connected to their fan base and are highly approachable and open. That connection with the fans creates collectors (knowingly or not) and collecting is where it becomes fun.

This year’s Rock Gods and Metal Monsters Auction will feature personal items direct from the private collections of Scott Ian, Charlie Benante and Frank Bello. “We are super excited about having the three of them be a part of this year’s lineup and the items they have offered up are both personal and historically relevant,” says Backstage Auctions founder, Jacques van Gool.

Scott Ian's Gloves
Scott Ian – considered to be the heart and soul of Anthrax, is one of the most recognizable figures in hard rock. Influenced by KISS, British heavy metal and New York City hardcore, the powerhouse guitarist co-founded Anthrax with Danny Lilker in 1981. He also helped form the metal crossover act Stormtroopers of Death and has appeared in a variety of TV shows. He recently embarked on a no-holds-barred spoken word tour. This is Scott’s second auction that he has participated in with Backstage and the items up for grabs range from gear and stage worn attire to t-shirts, itineraries and posters.

Scott Ian Signed Randall Amp

Charlie Benante's
Personal Jacket
Charlie Benante is a whirlwind of activity behind his drum kit. A longtime member Anthrax, arriving just in time to assist in recording the band’s ferocious debut LP “Fistful of Metal”, Benante, a double-kick drum master, helped bring blast beats into fashion. Responsible for writing much of Anthrax’s music, Benante’s creativity and intense chops have made him one of the genre’s greatest drummers, fueling the energy of such landmark albums as “Spreading the Disease” and “Among the Living”. Also a fine artist, Benante’s estimable talents extend to the guitar, as he contributed lead to S.O.D.’s seminal “Speak English or Die”. Charlie has offered up some historical pieces used during the recording of “Anthems” and “Worship Music”, The Big 4 tour, many vintage t-shirts and even his personal 1986 Spreading The Disease leather jacket.

Charlie Benante Anthems Drum Heads

Frank Bello Fender Bass
Frank Bello started out as a roadie and guitar technician for Anthrax, before getting a big promotion in the aftermath of the thrash-metal pioneers’ debut LP “Fistful of Metal”. It was Bello, the nephew of Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante, who replaced co-founder Dan Lilker, joining the band in 1984. A wildly energetic presence on stage, Bello, playing bass with a fiery mixture of passion and precision, has held down the low-end in Anthrax ever since, taking time out only briefly for a short stint in Helmet. Also a philanthropist and an actor, Bello played punk legend Richard Hell in a film about Tim and Jeff Buckley called “Greetings from Tim Buckley.” He and David Ellefson (who is also participating in the auction) recently released “Booze and Cigarettes” which is firmly rooted in hard rock. One of the highlight pieces among Bello’s auction items is his “New York” Fender bass guitar that he has used both on tour and on several recordings. He took it out on the road, rehearsed with it and used it for the recording of “Sound of White Noise”, “Stomp 442” and the “Time” video. Like Charlie and Scott, Frank too has offered a great many exclusive and collectible t-shirts and personal items.

Collectively, Scott, Charlie and Frank have contributed over 100 items that will be showcased in the
Anthrax Spreading The Disease
upcoming auction and with each lot sold; a signed Certificate of Authenticity (signed by the contributor) will be included.

The 2014 Rock God and Metal Monsters Auction will include over 700  rare  pieces of rare hard rock and heavy metal memorabilia featuring Anthrax, Megadeth, KISS, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Pantera, Motley Crue, The Cult, Helmet, Nickelback, Overkill, Pantera, Ozzy, White Zombie and more. It is a not to miss opportunity for fans and collectors around the world to own an authentic piece of one of the most significant genres of music history. For more information and to get your VIP All Access Pass for the event visit

The online auction starts March 30, 2014 and will run through April 6, 2014. A special VIP All Access preview of the entire auction catalog will be available beginning March 23rd.

To get your VIP All Access Pass for the event visit:  VIP Auction Registration

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