Kiss, Led Zeppelin to Headline Rock and Roll Summer Classic Auction

September 1, 2013
Houston, Texas

The Rock and Roll Summer Classic Auction

Backstage Auctions is proud to present the annual Classic Rock and Roll Auction featuring over 500 auction lots which - for the most part - will be dominated by an A-list of Classic Rock bands, including KISS, Led Zeppelin, Boston, Styx, Pink Floyd, Beach Boys, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie and The Who. And those are just headliners, there are plenty of classic rock bands and artists that are featured in the complete line up.

Collectors and fans will have access to autographed items, artist worn attire, RIAA record awards, rare concert posters and handbills, collectible vinyl, lots of backstage passes, unique photos, slides and negatives, amazing vintage concert t-shirts, great promotional items, tour programs and so much more.

"Any auction that features collectibles from this list of artists is a celebration of music in itself and we couldn't be more excited about hosting this event" comments Backstage Auctions owner Jacques van Gool. "The diversity in artists, type of collectibles and price range makes this auction accessible and fun for every collector. We pride ourselves in offering exclusive items and this event certainly reflects that. But we also make sure that every collector can participate and with a huge offering of auction lots that start as low as $25.00 we are confident that no one will walk away empty handed".

And when it comes to unique pieces of music history, the auction will feature a John Bonham owned and worn hat, which comes with photos and letter from the Bonham family. And that is just one of over 20 great Led Zeppelin lots.

There is a Robert Plant issued RIAA award, an exceedingly rare concert shirt from 1973, amazing collections of promotional CDs, broadcast only shows, ephemera as well as promotional goodies, including a most desirable Led Zeppelin blimp!

Rivaling the attention that Led Zeppelin will receive is the band with fans so loyal and dedicated that they call themselves 'The Army'...or better yet, the Kiss Army! With 210 amazing lots, Kiss certainly dominates this auction in size but then again, it wouldn't be Kiss if it wasn't larger than life. With consignments from a host of reputable inner-circle people, fans and collectors can quench their relentless thirst for top-of-the-line Kiss collectibles that include recording reels, rare vinyl and CDs, autographed items, amazing photo collections, artist worn attire, ephemera and much more. Among the highlights is a stunning acetate featuring an early demo version of the ultimate Kiss anthem 'Rock 'n Roll All Nite'.

Equally impressive are the collections of American arena rockers Styx and Boston, which both contain a wide range of autographed memorabilia, unique vinyl, exclusive promotional and radio broadcast CDs and assorted ephemera.

Collectors who are less band specific and more interest in certain types of collectibles will not be disappointed either.

There's an amazing collection of over 20 original 1968 - 1971 Fillmore East concert programs featuring the likes of The Who, Frank Zappa, Deep Purple, and many others. It even includes the very last program before Bill Graham closed the doors in New York.

The auction will feature great promotional items such as the infamous Led Zeppelin blow-up "Zeppelin", a Pink Floyd blow-up chair and a Alice Cooper toy-gun.

We managed to find great concert shirts and exclusive crew jackets, including Kiss 1977 L.A. Forum, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page 1995 U.S. Tour, Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen tour jackets.

There is a most unique collection of mid 1960s autographed items, photos, transparencies and negatives, which all came from the archives of a fan club agency in Los Angeles. Most of it is concentrated around the Beach Boys and Sonny & Cher but will also include other artists. It even includes a very personal letter from Brian Wilson to a fan.

And speaking of original photos, slides and negatives, collectors will have plenty to feast their eyes on. There are stunning collections with photos from renowned concert photographers Chip Rock, Robert Alford and Julian Baum. Noteworthy are the two lots with color slides from the 1975 Rolling Stones Tour of the  Americas, which include several sensational shots.

Not to be overlooked are the many posters and handbills, including vintage Thin Lizzy, ZZ Top, Kiss, Deep Purple and the immortal Stevie Ray Vaughan.

If you are in the market for record awards, you will be in for a treat; there are RIAA award for Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Beatles and Michael Jackson, as well as Canadian awards for Nickelback and Default.

Autographs remain in high demand and this auction has no shortage of signed mementos, from drumheads to posters and from photos to CDs and records. The list is long - and impressive - and spans 5 decades of Rock and Roll, that includes Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Pete Best, The Monkees, Carl Perkins, Dr. John, Styx, Boston, Kansas, Heart, Cheap Trick, Jethro Tull, Peter Frampton, Johnny Winter, ZZ Top, Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith and many, many others.

If you have the space for it, we once again have some great instruments and gear; from a Prince tambourine to Kiss concert used cabinets, to The Who drum sticks and even a complete Piper drum kit.

One final category that deserves attention is that of concert tickets and passes, of which the auction offers literally thousands, going back to the early 1970s. From small artist specific lots to bigger bulk lots; it's all there. But none bigger and more breath-taking than a book with over 500 backstage passes dated between 1981 and 1983. Hands down one of the most stunning single passes collections we have ever come across!

Because there is so much to see and digest, the auction will start with a preview week, beginning Saturday August 31. The auction will start Saturday,  September 7 and will end Sunday, September 15.

For more information about the auction, please visit Backstage Auctions and register for your free VIP All Access Pass.

Backstage Auctions: The 2013 Rock and Roll Summer Classic Auction

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