Punk Rock Revival at Backstage Auctions

Jaw dropping punk rarities hit the auction block.

1977 Punk girl Ebet Roberts -  CBGB's

With well over 100 Punk-Rock lots, Backstage Auctions is celebrating a ten-year spanning era of anti-establishment music (1975 - 1985) that ultimately evolved in a subculture of expressive youthful rebellion, a distinctive fashion and a variety of anti-authority ideologies.

The majority of the Punk collection comes from Europe, where it was part of a traveling exhibition for years. Aptly titled 'I Punk, You Punk, We Punk', the exhibition focused on the correlation between music, fashion, art and design, where musicians and fans were equally photogenic. "Absolutely stoked" as Backstage Auctions owner Jacques van Gool puts it, who lived in Europe through the birth of Punk and was fortunate to experience it firsthand.

1976 Ramones at CBGBs - Signed Photo

"Saving Punk mementos was the last thing on your mind in those days. It was all about the experience and we couldn't be bothered with preserving a shirt or a poster. Seeing this collection makes me realize how unique and historically significant those years were".

As can be expected, the Sex Pistols have their middle finger strongly wrapped around the punk torch with nearly 30 lots that include an impressive parade of concert and promotional posters, t-shirts, cards and, yes, the infamous 'God Save The Queen' flag (God Save The Queen - Sex Pistols).

Sex Pistols 1977 God Save The Queen Flag

The Clash 1970s fully signed photo

Also present are desirable collectibles by legendary artists and bands such as Blondie, Dead Boys, Ramones, Patti Smith, Buzzcocks, Iggy Pop and The Clash, many of whom have already been embraced by the Roll 'n Roll Hall of Fame.

Exceedingly rare Destroy shirt 

There are few genres where fashion makes an equally strong statement as the music itself and Punk arguably is at the forefront of it all. And within that, Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood created the epicenter of the 'classic' Punk look through stores such as 'Sex' and 'Seditionaries'. One of the most prolific images is that of Johnny Rotten wearing a 'Destroy' shirt, which also is in the auction.

Debbie Harry - Blondie 1970s
rare collection of photo negatives

With a broad assortment of autographed items, posters, shirts, records, pins & buttons, photos, slides and negatives, the auction has something for everyone. Or simply put - 'Let's All Punk!"

Backstage Auctions' - 2012 Rock 'n Pop Auction is open for bidding November 3 - 11th, but is available now for previewing the entire catalog. VIP All Access Registration is free and only takes a minute or two.

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