March Madness - Rock 'n Roll Style!

March 27th - April 3rd, 2011
"This is one auction you can't afford to miss!"

We are serving up our first-ever March Madness Auction featuring over 1,000 previously featured auction lots with insanely low opening bid prices

If you like vinyl, we've got tons of vinyl. If you like concert posters, we've got those, too. If you're more in the market for signed items, we've got plenty of signed items. 

Fantastic Deals on Rare Vinyl
If you're more of a band-specific collector, we've got loads of Beatles collectibles and amazing memorabilia featuring The Rolling Stones, Yes, Grateful Dead, Journey, Frank Zappa and Genesis...just pick a band from A- Z . We've got it all. 

The idea for the auction came about after we found ourself in a position to which most collectors can relate: Too many goodies, not enough room. Over the holidays, we took stock of physically how much we've got and started to look at our auction calendar for this year and next year (which by the way good things are on the horizon), and we started to realize that if we continue to put stuff on our shelves, we'd need a bigger place. Well that wasn't going to happen. 

So here are a few highlights: 

Grateful Dead Photos by Herb Greene
Vinyl records, primarily from the 1960s and 1970s, will comprise roughly half of the featured lots. The majority of the vinyl came from disc jockeys or record company executives and is in immaculate condition. Vinyl collectors who want to upgrade their collections but need to stick to set budgets will be pleasantly surprised.

It's a perfect opportunity to pick up a lot of attractive mementos and collectibles and keep what they want, or trade the rest or resell it. To put it simply, you can buy the large vinyl lots, break up the lots, and if you want to, sell or trade them and perhaps make a bit of pocket money for yourself, and possibly then some. The opening bid prices that are set for each of the lots featured in the auction are really going to excite everyone and we mean really excite you. 

Vintage Posters
The auction will also feature a variety of signed pieces, a collection of cool concert posters from the mid-1970s, gorgeous backstage passes, obscure recording reels from the original Agora in Cleveland and a handful of oversized photos of the Grateful Dead, taken in the 1960s by renowned San Francisco photographer Herb Greene. 

If you collect Beatles memorabilia then get ready to be amazed. The auction will feature nearly 100 Beatles lots, including rare vinyl, posters, toys & collectibles, magazines and books

It'll be awfully hard for collectors and fans to overlook lots featured in the March Madness Auction, especially when the opening bid prices are in most cases up to 75 percent off the original store price or previous auction price.

There are literally 1000s of amazing collectibles at a fantastic price, and if you have been eyeing a particular item for awhile and you haven't really been able to bite the bullet on it, now is your chance to buy that piece, and most likely, get it for a really great price.

100's of Beatles Lots
But that window of opportunity won't stay open forever. The one promise that we will make is that once the auction is over, we are not going to put any of the unsold items back in the store. This is it, last and final encore for these items. Once the auction ends, the items will no longer be available. 

We still have hundreds of awesome items in our online store featuring quite a selection of hard rock and heavy metal memorabilia from the private collections of Al Jourgensen of Ministry and heavy metal manager Walter O'Brien

The March Madness Auction event is scheduled to go live on Sunday, March 27th at 2:00 pm EST and run for a week, coming to a close on Sunday, April 3rd. See our website for more details and the Auction Rules

There will be NO PREVIEW so when the auction goes live it will be open for immediate bidding. 

With prices slashed up to 75% percent off the original price you simply can't afford to miss this opportunity. This auction is going to be a lot of fun and we are just as excited as you. If there are questions you need answered or if we can be of personal assistance, please let us know. 

We are looking forward to seeing you at the auction block!

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