CD Review: Pantera – Cowboys From Hell (anniversary edition)

Pantera – Cowboys From Hell (anniversary edition)
Rhino Records

All Access Review:  B+

Just when it seemed it could not get any more Metal than Metallica and Megadeth, along came Pantera. It was 20 years ago. Pantera took the fluffy, makeup wearing wussy rock called Hair Metal, pulled it down to the toilet and gave it a swirly. Cowboys From Hell was, at the time, the heaviest Metal ever written and released. This album became the watermark for all other Metal band’s to aspire to achieve. Dimebag Darrell and brother Vinnie Abbot took the Texas slogan of everything being bigger and applied it to Metal music and the world has never again been the same.

The title track and “Cemetery Gates” are both revered as classics of the genre right aside classic tunes such as “War Pigs” and “Run to the Hills.” The debut album, however, was more than just those two tracks. “Psycho Holiday,” “The Art of Shredding,” “Message in Blood” and “Domination” all inspired guitarists, vocalists and songwriters around the globe to listen, learn and put their own stamp on Metal music.

Rhino Records is doing the 20th 
Anniversary Edition justice as a second live disc from two shows, one recorded in 1990 and the other in 1991. There is a third disc of demos for the band’s hardcore fans. Later on, the label will release a box set that will include the three discs plus replica memorabilia from this most awesome era of Pantera.

This is a fitting tribute to a great band, a great album and a late and great guitarist.

By Jeb Wright - Classic Rock Revisited

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